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Subtitle Viewer


Requirements: Lazarus

Download it, open the .lpi and Lazarus and click compile


When started, the viewer opens as a border-less black rectangle.

Right clicking, opens a menu to load the subtitle file (*.srt) and set options.

It will start playing the subtitles automatically.

In the options, you can adjust the speed, change the font or colors, alignment...

On Linux use Alt+Click to move the window around.

Not much tested

How to clone

You can clone this repository with
hg clone

directory / @ :6625b7963c08

name size permissions
[up] drwxr-xr-x
file 507 -rw-r--r--
file _hg.filemap 75 -rw-r--r--
file 221 -rwxr-xr-x
file subtitle.pas 3375 -rw-r--r--
file subtitlesync.lfm 3249 -rw-r--r--
file subtitlesync.pas 5532 -rw-r--r--
file subtitleviewer.lpi 3302 -rw-r--r--
file subtitleviewer.lpr 445 -rw-r--r--
file subtitleviewerform.lfm 2564 -rw-r--r--
file subtitleviewerform.pas 3346 -rw-r--r--