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Just my web page, if someone cares

It is a great example how to generate a static webpage with my Xidel. Check out Makefile (which calls Xidel for all changed files), common.xq (which evals the next one) and style.xq.html (which contains the webpage layout).

How to clone

You can clone this repository with
hg clone

directory / @ :66269d768e1f

name size permissions
[up] drwxr-xr-x
dir. _publish/ drwxr-xr-x
dir. hgtemplate/ drwxr-xr-x
file 404.xml 457 -rw-r--r--
file Makefile 1835 -rw-r--r--
file 278 -rw-r--r--
file _hg.filemap 287 -rw-r--r--
file bwinf.xml 7421 -rw-r--r--
file common.xq 3587 -rw-r--r--
file components.xml 12566 -rw-r--r--
file demos.xml 14790 -rw-r--r--
file games.xml 30084 -rw-r--r--
file global.xml 5048 -rw-r--r--
file impressum.xml 2329 -rw-r--r--
file index.xml 101651 -rw-r--r--
file jokeprograms.xml 33952 -rw-r--r--
file links.xml 10554 -rw-r--r--
file 1864 -rwxr-xr-x
file news.rss.xq 1245 -rw-r--r--
file oldnews.xml 23319 -rw-r--r--
file others.xml 1299 -rw-r--r--
file papers.xml 14305 -rw-r--r--
file privacy.xml 10577 -rw-r--r--
file programming.xml 1280 -rw-r--r--
file programs.xml 639 -rw-r--r--
file sources.xml 48117 -rw-r--r--
file style.xq.html 10642 -rw-r--r--
file tools.xml 41504 -rw-r--r--
file 119 -rwxr-xr-x