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This is a minimal language to filter mails using maildrop and perl. You write the filter rules in a plain text file, use the perl script in this repository to convert the filter rules to a maildrop script, and configure your mail server to use the maildrop script.

For example this will move all mails about Subject test to testfolder:

Subject: test
=> testfolder

This will move all mails that are either about Subject test or from to testfolder:

Subject: test
=> testfolder

Regular expressions can be used to match the values:

Subject: /test[0-9]+/
From: /someone@example\.(org|com)/
=> testfolder

As well as to match the entire header line (in this form they are passed unchanged to maildrop):

=> testfolder

Blocks surrounded by {} are also passed unchanged to maildrop. For example this sets the default maildir (which is necessary otherwise the final maildrop script will not work):


If multiple filters must be all satisfied in an "and" relation, they can be prefixed by &&. For example, if the mail should be relayed if it is about foo bar, or only about foo from certain senders:

Subject: foo bar
Subject: foo
&& From: /foo@|bar@/
=> foobar

When the same header is checked in multiple, consecutive filters, only the first filter has to specify the header name:

=> exfolder

The mails can be automatically marked as read with the mark seen command (requires maildrop >= 2.8.4, although you could use an older mailfilter from early 2017 with older maildrops ):

From: foobar
=> foolder
mark seen

This marking can also be done conditionally, e.g. to hide spam:

From: foobar
=> foolder
Subject: spam
mark seen

Multiple filters are separated by whitespace.

Subject: topic1
=> folder1

Subject: topic2
=> folder2

From: someguy
=> thatguy
mark seen

=> catchall

See tests/ for further examples.


This is highly experimental and mostly made to sort my own mails.

The folder used by => is always prefixed with $MAILDIR, which is currently not configurable, so you need to declare a variable MAILDIR.

From/To/Cc/Resent-To/Resent-Cc ignore the name part and only compare the addr.

The two commands => and mark seen should probably become more user configurable.

Dovecot uses mailfolders like $MAILDIR/.a.b.c for a folder c in b in a. Here we write such a folder as a.b.c

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