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Homespring is a funny language for salmons described here:

A simple Homespring program printing Hello World is:

Universe bear hatchery powers world.
    bear hatchery powers o.      bear hatchery powers hell     marshy marshy marshy a snowmelt

(From the 3 interpreters linked there, only the Ocaml-interpreter is complete and able to run the programs in this repository.)


HomeSpringTree is an extension "language" that "compiles" to Homespring, and is generally more readable since it removes the semantic meaning of whitespaces, except for Python-like indentation to specify nesting.

The same Hello World program as above in HomeSpringTree is written as:

  bear hatchery powers world.n 
  bear hatchery powers o.  
  bear hatchery powers hell
  marshy marshy marshy a snowmelt

More details of the language are described in util/translator.js


The example/ directory contains a bunch of HomeSpringTree (.hst) and their corresponding Homespring (.hs) version.

The .poem.hs programs are written in the way Homespring is intended to be written.

The .hst files usually also contain a comment at the top, describing what the program is doing.


To run Homespring programs you need to download the Ocaml interpreter 0.1 from
If the hsgui part does not compile with your Ocaml version, you can use the patch file in the patch/ directory to add a missing ignore(0). There are also new fish.svg which have more contrast and are easier to recognize as fish.

To run/compile a HomeSpringTree program, you need the compile script from util/ as well as TeXstudio.
There create a new user macro in TeXstudio, copy util/translator.js in it and create a user command called homespring pointing to hsrun of the interpreter.
Calling the macro will then compile the current file from HomeSpringTree to Homespring, save it (in the current directory as .hs, if the file is a .hst, otherwise as /tmp/test.hs) and run it.

How to clone

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