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Color Dialog

A color choosing dialog for Delphi, supporting hls/rgb and showing the selected color channel. The form is in German (but it is easy to translate, since there are only a few nouns. Most of them are color channels, e.g. helligkeit=>brightness, rot=>red, ...)

changing brightness changing red


Just put farbe.pas, farbe.dfm and ExtraListView.pas somewhere in the unit search path.


The dialog can be created and shown like this:

colorManager.addToColorList('',vtCaptionH3);             //Create a header for the colors
colorManager.addToColorList('color1',vtValue,clRed);     //Create a color option with name color1 and default value clRed
colorManager.addToColorList('color2',vtValue,clBlue);    //Create a color option with name color2 and default value clBlue

addToColorList is needed to let the user choose multiple colors in groups.

After the dialog has been closed, you can get a changed color with


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