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API Manager

API Manager, gui interface to Win32 APIs, to examine or change window properties


windows processes


The easiest is to download the provided binaries from my home page.

To compile it you need Lazarus.

Example usages

APIM provides access to most of the GUI related functions of the Win32 API, for the windows of all processes.

You can e.g. select a window, and enable the stay-on-top and transparency flags for it.

Or you can kill a process.

Or you can select the start button and make it invisible.

Or on older Windows version, you can select an edit box containing a password, and disable the password flag, letting you see the password in plaintext. (it uses dll injection, to also show the password in not trivial cases)

How to clone

You can clone this repository with
hg clone

directory / @ :00374a927853

name size permissions
[up] drwxr-xr-x
dir. i18n/ drwxr-xr-x
dir. injectdll/ drwxr-xr-x
file EN_DIS_ABLE.pas 11605 -rw-r--r--
file PEStuff.pas 8085 -rw-r--r--
file Project1.lpi 5961 -rw-r--r--
file Project1.lpr 942 -rw-r--r--
file 967 -rw-r--r--
file Unit1.lfm 42170 -rw-r--r--
file Unit1.pas 51221 -rw-r--r--
file _hg.filemap 182 -rw-r--r--
file apim.lpi 5833 -rw-r--r--
file apim.lpr 804 -rw-r--r--
file apimshared.pas 648 -rw-r--r--
file applicationconfig.pas 7537 -rw-r--r--
file commontypes.pas 2029 -rw-r--r--
file cursor.res 2336 -rw-r--r--
file help.lfm 10613 -rw-r--r--
file help.pas 517 -rw-r--r--
file mainunit.lfm 2558 -rw-r--r--
file mainunit.pas 7984 -rw-r--r--
file 203 -rwxr-xr-x
file options.lfm 2949 -rw-r--r--
file options.pas 2861 -rw-r--r--
file passwort.pas 3311 -rw-r--r--
file proc9.pas 6851 -rw-r--r--
file processlist.lfm 6766 -rw-r--r--
file processlist.pas 22115 -rw-r--r--
file searchtool.lfm 6525 -rw-r--r--
file searchtool.pas 10028 -rw-r--r--
file systemoptions.lfm 2288 -rw-r--r--
file systemoptions.pas 4321 -rw-r--r--
file tlhelp32.pas 15760 -rw-r--r--
file welcome.lfm 2067 -rw-r--r--
file welcome.pas 1874 -rw-r--r--
file winconstwindow.lfm 844 -rw-r--r--
file winconstwindow.pas 5555 -rw-r--r--
file windowList.lfm 4730 -rw-r--r--
file windowList.pas 11431 -rw-r--r--
file windowcontrolfuncs.pas 72216 -rw-r--r--
file windowfuncs.pas 16800 -rw-r--r--
file windowpropertysheet.lfm 16514 -rw-r--r--
file windowpropertysheet.pas 22636 -rw-r--r--
file wstyles.lfm 9976 -rw-r--r--
file wstyles.pas 16108 -rw-r--r--